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MERCEDES E CLASS - 2012 / 2015

Rent From £285.00 per week
Including Full Comprehensive Private Hire - Reward Insurance & Unlimited Mileage

It´s instantly recognizable. And it looks, feels and performs like nothing else. That's the E-Class magic. Bold Sport Saloon that proudly wear the Star in their grille. Luxury Saloons that are at equally elegant and exuberant. True to their iconic form, every E is defined as much by its sculpted physique as the visionary innovation within.

From best-in-class efficiency to class-leading acceleration, the E-Class has the power to motivate your spirit and your senses. Advanced engine technology pioneered by Mercedes-Benz helps turn less fuel into more torque makes the most desirable Private Hire Vehicle (PCO) and Uber Executive car all over the world.

Advanced stereo cameras and radar sensors enhance safety, reduce driving stress, and start an entirely new era of driver assistance technology. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS can brake to avoid a collision autonomously. ATTENTION ASSIST® can sense if you're getting drowsy. And options can even react to pedestrians, cross-traffic and more.

What you need to join BNA
  • National insurance number
  • Valid full uk driving licence
  • Valid pco licence
  • 2 X proof of address
  • £500.00 deposit
Our Services
  • Fully comprehensive private hire & reward insurance
  • No Hidden Costs, The price you see is what You pay
  • 24/7 free helpdesk to assist you with Uber paperwork

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