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Fully comprehensive private hire & reward insurance    -   No Hidden Costs, The price you see is what You pay    -   24/7 free helpdesk to assist you with Uber paperwork   


Rent From £240.00 -245.00 per week
Including Full Comprehensive Private Hire - Reward Insurance & Unlimited Mileage

BNA Car Hire, is proud to offer the TOYOTA PRIUSE HYBRID. This car swaps smoothly between petrol and electric power, and is effortless to drive around London. It’s the best choice for PCO and Uber drivers, average fuel consumption on Toyota Priuses is 60 MPG. Toyota Priuses it widely regarded as the best vehicle for private hire (PCO) business because of its fuel efficiency. It’s also very specious with enough room for five passengers and three luggage space in the booth.

If you are just starting out in the private hire trade, then it’s recommended that you hire a Toyota Prius and save money, in the first instance whilst you get to grips with the job and perhaps still finding out if it’s the job for you.

All our vehicles for private hire are licensed with the Public Carriage Office (PCO) and are services every 6000 miles to maintain the perfect Toyota hybrid performance.

There are currently just under 49,000 Private Hire Vehicles operating in the Greater London. Toyota Prius is voted number 1 vehicle for PHV or private hire use in London for the ten consecutive years.

What you need to join BNA
  • National insurance number
  • Valid full uk driving licence
  • Valid pco licence
  • 2 X proof of address
  • £500.00 deposit
Our Services
  • Fully comprehensive private hire & reward insurance
  • No Hidden Costs, The price you see is what You pay
  • 24/7 free helpdesk to assist you with Uber paperwork

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